The Pulp & Paper Division operates in highly technical, fast-paced, competitive businesses

and is part of J.D. Irving’s highly integrated forest products value chain. Our goal is to play an integrated role in sustainably transforming our renewable forest resources into value-added products for today’s consumer markets.

The Pulp & Paper division is made up of six different operating units: Irving Paper, Irving Pulp & Paper, Irving Tissue, Lake Utopia Paper, St George Power, and Irving Forest Services.


The seeds of our entrepreneurial diversity were first sown by company founder James Dergavel Irving (J.D. Irving) - the grandson of enterprising immigrants from Dumfries, Scotland.

The original company holdings included: a sawmill, gristmill, carding mill, a general store, lumber business and a farm. J.D. was an innovator and a dedicated investor in new methods, equipment to improve productivity and service - a tradition that we carry on today.

Kenneth Colin (K.C.) Irving, born in 1899, inherited his father's entrepreneurial spirit and keen interest in business. K.C. was a driven and dynamic builder of enterprises who "liked to see the wheels turn". Under his leadership, the business realized significant growth and diversification in the transportation, shipbuilding, construction, and retail sectors.

In 1957, James K. (J.K.) Irving (K.C.'s eldest son) pioneered the company's reforestation and tree improvement programs and expanded our forest products' business. Since then, the company has planted over 1 billion trees – a national record in Canada. Trees, being nature's air filters, absorb carbon dioxide to combat global warming. Today, continual reforestation is sustaining jobs and a diverse value chain of forest products that J.K. and his sons have grown over the years.

Like the generations before them, J.K. and his sons, Robert and Jim, are builders. They believe that good products, superior service, continuous improvement, and the front-line efforts of skilled employees are the most important ingredients to success.